People Who Fit in Our Culture

By: Richard Nickel

The team at Carolina Bridge gathered around a meeting table

Finding a place to work that has a culture that fits you is one of the keys to happiness. Most people spend more time with people at work than with their own families. The good thing is you get to pick where you work. Somebody can be an absolute rock star in their field working with a A+ company, but still be miserable because there is not a cultural fit. People are too often stuck in places that are not a good fit for them. When interviewing, we spend most of our time trying to figure out if our personalities would work well together. We believe being somewhere that is a good fit is critical to being fulfilled.

We have openings that we are always working to fill, but we also work hard to figure out if we mesh well with each other. It’s much easier to put the effort into the front end to try to figure out if we are a good fit, than to figure it out after someone has started. When the fit is right, on average people stay at Carolina Bridge for a decade or more, but when the fit is wrong, it normally does not even last a month or two.

People who fit into our culture:

  • Get up every morning ready to kill something and drag it home
  • Set goals
  • Lead by being a humble servant
  • Have a desire to grow and learn
  • Understand that with one exception the entire world consists of others
  • Are willing to treat others better than they treat you
  • Arrive early and stay late
  • Believe that quality matters

When the individual fits our culture, it is fascinating to watch people come together to accomplish something no individual could ever do alone. We are blessed to have the privilege of working with great builders that come together to accomplish amazing things. They are magicians that can turn a set of paper plans into the roads and bridges everybody depends on.

We believe that everyone is called to do something, and we truly hope everybody finds an employer that brings out the best in them. If you are an experienced bridge builder and would like to see if we are a good fit, please reach out. You will never know what you are missing without taking the first step.

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